Sunday, November 27, 2011

Running Man! Daebak!~

Wah, time really flies so fast. I am shocked looking the last date I posted a post. It only seems like a few days ago.

23 November 2011
I guess I was studying ACC1002 this day! Heh.

24 November 2011
And keep studying..

I had my dinner outside with AW at Vivo City. I was eating Japanese food. I wanted to eat a lot of sushi but apparently there is not much choice.

25 November 2011
And studying..

*Disclaimer for above-mentioned contents: most of the times studying is followed by long relaxation such as watching Running Man!

26 November 2011
I had my 2-hours ACC1002 paper in the morning. I am just hoping to get at least grade B and I will be happy. I could not balance any financial statement and quite clueless for the critical thinking question. I met my accounting tutor in the food court and she said all the questions are kinda difficult. Yeps, fingers crossed and just hoping for the best.

After that, of course, Running Man! I copied around 30 episodes from YH! Thanks! :D

27 November 2011
No doubt, continuing with Running Man! and I started studying BSP1004 Business Law for my paper next Wednesday (last paper yeah!)

And I borrowed Korean 1 notes from ET :D thanks a lot! I am going to learn Korean in December (utilizing my holiday well uh!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Next paper is ACC1002 Financial Accounting.
I personally think that this module is interesting and useful but the paper is quite hard /: but regardless, I will just practice as much as I can and go for the paper with whatever skills that I have.

I was studying since morning with lunch break (McDonalds' double cheese burger and Nasi Ayam Panggang from Engine canteen). Thanks to DBS service in block dee <3

Studying and studying and studying until dinner. Today's dinner is not very good but yeah, it is fine (: and Master came down to give up a lucky draw for supper voucher! I got $1 voucher and used it immediately. I hope I got the $10 voucher (LOL!)

Today I found this article that my blockmate shared a few days ago. I just got the time to read it today and it is amazing! It is totally worth reading. The content is amazing and the videos are totally must-watch!!

I was always comparing myself with others but I think it shall stop now and yeah, I am good! (:

And also, today I heard about this a foreigner who wrote something very sensitive regarding the locals. I think it is very not nice for the foreigner to write such thing. Oh well, things are spreading fast now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

18 November 2011

I did not watch the first sequel of this movie, , but the second one is really meaningful and funny. On the surface level, this movie seems very kiddish but there are a lot of messages that the producer is trying to deliver. I was keep guessing what is coming next in the movie. Even though it seems very simple and cliche, the movie is very interesting that there are things that do not go as what I thought. Good music, highly entertaining, and of course 3D is highly recommended.

Rating êêêê
19 November 2011

I spent this day for mainly two things: celebrating Sandra's birthday (: and farewell BBQ supper for Dr. Alex. In conclusion, awesome food throughout! <3 <3

Happy Birthday, Sandra!
We will miss you Dr. Alex!! <3

20 November 2011

There is nothing much to say: #toothache_attack_1
I went to dentist at Clementi and I did not really trust him.

21 November 2011

First two papers in university: DSC2006 and GEK1500!
I think I have done my best and I did not regret for not studying days and days and days for the modules. I did enough and I am happy about it (: Just wish for the best for them now.

And of course I went to the papers with my aching tooth.

22 November 2011

And if you think it stopped there, you are wrong. Here it comes: #toothache_attack_2

I went to the dentist that I went to a few months ago and managed to solve my problem. I decided to do the root canal treatment which costs in total $2,050. Of course it is a pain in my wallet but i think it is worth it as money still can be searched but not tooth.

Thought: "Why is the field next door always greener?"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Double Dinners and Extra Supper

My first two papers are starting together in 4 days and because of that, again, I went to Central Library to study until lunch time (again) and ate dinner at BK at the Deck and migrated to HSSlib Level 3 quiet room. I felt that I have read through everything for my DSC module but somehow, I feel so weird because I spend so little time compared to when I have exams in Secondary school / IB.

Apart from that, I am super uber well-fed today! I went to eat dinner in hall, curry chicken with breads at Queensway, and on top of that, Sheares supper! I also went to IKEA to buy mammut (yey! finally!) and a FBT :)

Sheares Supper! Yummy!
Sheares Chicken! :3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Movie Marathon Continues..

Today started as usual, had breakfast, studied with TSN at Central Library, ate lunch at Deck. I completed reading through my OM notes and prepared a cheat sheet for the final. Surprisingly, I did the 5 questions from past year and I did not so bad :) I will continue reading more questions and do more practices and I guess everything should be alright.

Taste êêê
Price êêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêê
Today is another day for movie marathon with RG, SH, and TSN - featuring birthday boy, AHI.. Before watching movie, we went to eat dinner at Xin Wang at Cineleisure. I ordered porridge with century egg and pork. It is good! :'D

Taste êêêê
Price êêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêê
And of course my dinner is not filling and here it goes another food before going into the theatre. My comment about this is: EXTREMELY BAD. Do not try!

Taste ê
Price ê
Portion êê
Staff friendliness êê
And the highlight for today is of course the amazing, great, and awesome movie: 那些年, 我們一起追的女孩 , which is also called as . I will not spoil the movie for those who have not watched it so I will just comment on the movie rather than explaining in details on what the movie is all about.

Rating êêêêê
The movie is somehow realistic and very close to our daily lives. There are many great takeaways and inspirations that we can take from this movie. I think that is the main reason why you have to watch this movie. Until now, I am still overwhelmed by this movie. :3 One of my favourite movies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Beginning of Movie Week

It has been a few days since I wrote a post and here are short glimpse of the highlights of what I did in the past few days:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

No Sunday is better spent other than by watching for free with JC and C. Thanks a lot to ZH for the free tickets that come together with free huge drinks and popcorn :') Even though the travel to Marina Square is rather not smooth as someone is having hangover from the previous night, it is good that she recovered along the way. I think it is a lesson for everyone that you should not drink too much.

Free tickets!
Monday, 14 November 2011

I went to Hougang to meet my friend to chat. There is nothing much happening today. I only went for dinner with AW and got my hair cut. The hairdresser now charged me $20 instead of $10 after he knew that I am studying in NUS. Oh well.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I woke up quite early to go to DBS at Clementi to check regarding my cheque issue and went back to my room to sleep again. Then, I went to eat Japanese set lunch at The Deck and followed by studying.

Taste êêê
Price êêêê
Portion êêêêê
Staff friendliness êêê

I was studying since noon to late afternoon at HSSlib. It was kinda my first time preparing for exam for real. After that, I went for a movie: The Adventure of Tin Tin.

Rating êêê
Even though the plot is almost very predictable, the movie is really not bad considering the fact that it is a very-long-ago-story. The most commendable thing about the movie is its graphic that looks very real. This movie is definitely suitable for those who have TinTin as their childhood's cartoon character.

Before watching movie, I went to eat Manhattan Fish Market using groupon and my friend got the promotion - platter for 2.

Taste êêêê
Price êêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêê
Of course dinner is incomplete without dessert. So, I got a simple dessert from McDonald :')

Taste êêê
Price êêêêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêê
The ice cream is offered for limited time. It is not exceptionally good but i think it is worth trying for once :')

And today when I woke up, I saw a post on Facebook about my friend in which we should learn that there is a limit to everything no matter how close you are the person.

When people asked me whether I do not need to study for exam, I can only say that life has to be balance - overly focusing on one particular thing will make you miss the whole big picture of your life :')

Saturday, November 12, 2011


It felt so good when I woke up after a 9hours sleep. Today I studied at HSSlib and Central library. Planning to finish reading all my GEK notes but it seems impossible now. Haha. I shall try to continue reading tonight. Anyway, today is raining super duper heavily like a storm, seriously.

The rain actually started when I was studying at HSSlib. As my stomach is growling very badly, I decided to go to Utown to eat while waiting for a discussion with the Japanese group there. However, the rain is like someone sneezing nonstop. So, I decided to walk over to The Deck. The rain was not so bad that time. I sat somewhere that is rather close to the center, just in front of the Yong Tao Foo stall and suddenly, the sneeze is getting heavier until my whole table, bag, and water bottle seem like sprayed continuously. The condition is shown below:

The Deck
I was rather disappointed with the Yong Tao Foo stall as they provide limited choices of food today and seriously, limited- no rice, no laksa and there is only beehoon and soup to choose from. Oh well, it is ok. It is still nice.

Yong Tao Foo (Soup and beehoon) - The Deck
Taste êêê
Price êêêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêê

I decided to go to Central Library and hoping for the rain to stop so that I can go to Utown without getting drenched at the bus stop. On my way there, I saw this pipe burst and becomes a circular sprayer that flood the corridor. Luckily, I never get sprayed. I read a few more GEK notes and slept for half an hour :P

There is a river outside Central Library - Free Flow Teh Tarik
As I reached Utown, I went to eat again at Koufu. LOL.

Economic Rice at KOUFU Utown
Taste êê
Price ê
Portion êê
Staff friendliness êê
The discussion with the Japanese Exchange Group Students was fine. It was about the culture difference between Singapore and other countries. It is really cool to have many new friends and it is really amazing to see the diversity that this world has. It has been quite a while since I am so close to this diversity. There is a Chinese student who speaks English and Japanese very well, Korean who studied in Australia, exchange student from Korea, Malaysian who speaks Japanese very well, German who stays in the same hall as me and lots of Japanese. This is very very interesting. Somehow I am motivated to learn new languages by myself - they are very encouraging. This made my day today somehow.

And before I went back to hall, I ate at the Korean food at PGP.
Beef Hot Plate - Korean Cuisine, Ecanteen, PGP
Taste êêêê
Price êêê
Portion êêê
Staff friendliness êêêêê
The interesting thing about this Korean Cuisine at Ecanteen, PGP is the cook is a Korean. So, the food is rather authentic. Even though the portion is not huge but the taste is really commendable compared to the one in The Terrace, Business Canteen.

What's best is when I came back to my room, I could not open my door because the machine has no battery. I have to called my RF to help me open my door and he helped me immediately. Thank you very much, sir! :D

That's not all. I still need to mop my floor later because the rain came into my room (not that bad, but yeah) even thought I did not open my window widely.

I think I shall continue reading my GEK notes - aiming to finish reading before I sleep tonight, if possible. Jiayou for exam, everyone! :D